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Spare Parts for Blow Molds and Blow Molders

    1. Quick Coupling This kind of quick coupling is an oil-resistant, acid & alkali resistant, as well as pressure-resistant hydraulic element equipped on the pneumatic pipe system. Its high utility has made it accepted in many industries. The coupling is able to work with various kinds of hoses such as metal hoses, rubber hoses, nylon hoses and plastic hoses. Inquiry Form
    1. Preform Gripper BJY produces various specifications of grippers basing on the different bottle molds. A heat treatment or QPQ process will be given for our raw material to add to its hardness as well as reliability and durability. Applications: blow molding machines form Sidel, Krones, SACMI, Newamstar, Tech-Long, etc. Inquiry Form
    1. Spindle As a rotating axis of a structure, spindle is a core component used in a wide range of machines. Applications: Blow molding machines from Sidel, Krones, SACMI, Newamstar, Tech-long etc. Specifications of the bottle molds: PCO1810, PCO1881, 3025, 38, etc. Inquiry Form
    1. Shock Absorber With large energy absorption capacity, long life, and low noise, our shock absorbers have won large popularity in keeping the normal running of machines and extending the life of molds. BJY possesses a professional simulation platform to demonstrate the performance of the shock absorber during a real crash situation. Inquiry Form
    1. Stretch Rod The stretch rod is made from S136. We give an abrasion treatment upon its surface to realize a hardness of HV700. Applications: hot filling bottles, cold filling bottles, aseptic bottles, soft drink bottles, etc. Uses: blow molding machines of Sidel, Krones, Newamstar, Tech-Long, among others. Inquiry Form
    1. Cooling Water Hose The hoses are mainly used for transporting the cooling water for the molds on Krones blowing machines. We import the hydraulic hoses from Parker to ensure the maximum allowable pressure. Our cooling water hose for blow molding machine is of high flexibility thus you can match is with different connectors. Inquiry Form
    1. Clamping Shaft Our clamping shaft is used for the mold shell of blowing device. After a special treatment, the clamping shaft is of high intensity and good abrasion resistance performance. Inquiry Form
    1. Blow Nozzle Our blow nozzle is widely accepted in various kinds of rotating blowing device which are applied in producing hot filling bottles, cold filling bottles, aseptic filling bottles, and soft drink bottles. It shows perfect performance in sealing, deformation resistance, and high pressure resistance. Inquiry Form

Here we have a full view of some of the core components of the blow molds and blow molders. Demonstrated are separately the quick couplings, the preform grippers, the spindles, the shock absorbers, the stretch rods, the cooling water hoses, the clamping shafts, and the blow nozzles.

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