Quick Coupling

  • Bent male connector (90°)
  • Bent male connector (90°)
  • Bent female connector (90º)
  • Bent female connector (90º)
  • Straight female connector
  • Straight female connector
  • Straight male connectors
  • Straight male connectors

This kind of quick coupling is an oil-resistant, acid & alkali resistant, as well as pressure-resistant hydraulic element equipped on the pneumatic pipe system. Its high utility has made it accepted in many industries. The coupling is able to work with various kinds of hoses such as metal hoses, rubber hoses, nylon hoses and plastic hoses. The excellent features of the quick coupling of quick disassembly and 2-way shut off mechanism effectively guarantees that the liquid (gas) will not leak from the joints, and that the external contamination is unable to get in, ensuring the lifespan of the device as well as the cleanness of the production environment. Besides that, we have also designed it with self-locking function to add to its sealability and reliability. This kind of quick coupling shows unparalleled advantages referring to those situations with small operating space.

1) Material: Stainless steel
2) Applications: high-pressure hydraulic, pneumatic system
3) Working temperature: 4-220℃
4) Bore diameter: 7mm
5) Working pressure: 25 bar


Connector Type Model D L(mm)
Straight Male Connector
CPB07.01 G1/4 10
CPB07.02 G3/8 11
CPB07.03 M16X1.5 10
Bent Male Connector (90°)
CPB07.04 G1/4 14
CPB07.05 G3/8 14
CPB07.06 M16X1.5 14
Straight Female Connector
CPB07.07 G1/4 10
CPB07.08 G3/8 11
CPB07.09 M16X1.5 10
Bent Female Connector (90º)
CPB07.10 G1/4 10
CPB07.11 G3/8 11
CPB07.12 M16X1.5 10
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