Cooling Water Hose for Blow Molding Machine

The hoses are mainly used for transporting the cooling water for the molds on Krones blowing machines. We import the hydraulic hoses from Parker to ensure the maximum allowable pressure. Our cooling water hose for blow molding machine is of high flexibility thus you can match is with different connectors according to your machines’ situation.


Types Inner Diameter (mm) Maximum Allowable Pressure (Bar) Connector Specification (mm) Length L (mm)
6.5 21bar M12X1.5 customizable
10 16bar one-way quick-change connector (φ 13 female connector) for one side, M16X1.5 for the other side customizable
10 16bar M16X1.5 customizable
6.5 21bar one-way quick-change connector (φ 9 female connector) customizable

Note: different kinds of connecters are available according to customers’ requirements.

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