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Our Advantages

BJY possesses a professional team consisted of members who have assembled over 10 years’ experience in the blowing industry. You are able to find any types of bottle blowing device and the supporting molds you want in BJY.

1. Bottles for different purposes such as the water bottles, the soft drink bottles, and the juice bottles can be designed according to clients’ diversified requirements.

2. We will recommend you the best suited molds in consideration of your device. New customers are suggested to offer us your samples.

3. BJY promises to offer you rapid and efficient after-sales service such as mold maintenance and repair.

4. Our blow molds are exported to many regions including Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, etc.

Quality Control

We adopt the ALCO6061 aluminum from Alcoa to ensure the hardness of the raw material.

The measuring instrument provides an extremely high accuracy of 0.002.

  • The mold cavity inspection process
  • The shock-resistant packaging method
  • Packaged blow molds
  • High Speed 4-axis CNC Machining Center
  • CNC Lathe
  • WKM Coordinate Measuring Machine with accuracy of 0.0022mm
  • High-Speed 5-axis CNC Machine Center
  • Bottle Neck Pressure Tester

It is a 5 axis engraving machine designed for processing precision parts such as small parts, optical components, and medical devices.
Positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z axis: 0.003/0.002/0.002mm
Positioning accuracy of B/C axis: 8'' / 8''
Repeat positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z axis: 0.0025/0.0018/0.0018mm
Repeat positioning accuracy of B/C axis: 5''/5''

Customization Service

BJY provides the OME service, which indicates that what you have to do is only to show us your bottle and leave the remaining work to us without worry. The things we will do for you:
1. Appearance design: we have a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to design the drawing of the components accurately.
2. Material detection: we will entrust a professional institution to do the material analysis job for us, ensuring that we are using the most suitable processing material.
3. Hardness test: the hardness tester is adopted to help us determine what heat treatment techniques should be chosen to realize our prescribed hardness.
4. Sample manufacturing: before mass production we will produce a sample and deliver it to you first.

In addition, you will only have to show us your CAD drawings or 3D drawings if the mold you want is a standard one on the market. We will charge you only the cost price.


We have got a series of utility model patents referring to the blow molding techniques.

  • Multi-angle clamp for semicircular plastic bottle mold
  • A multipurpose storage box mold
  • A kind of device for detecting the working performance of the hydraulic buffer under the environment with a variable temperature
  • Device for fully detecting the working performance of hydraulic bufferg
  • A kind of safer detection device for hydraulic buffer
  • A mounting structure for the stretching rods of plastic bottles
  • A self-locking quick-change connector
  • A kind of buffer

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