Shock Absorber for Blow Molding Machines

  • The shock absorbers
  • The test platform for the shock absorbers

The shock absorbers made by BJY are mainly designed for absorbing the large energy generated during the instantaneous opening and closing of the moving parts of the PET rotary blowing machine. With large energy absorption capacity, long life, and low noise, our shock absorbers have won large popularity in keeping the normal running of machines and extending the life of molds. BJY possesses a professional simulation platform to demonstrate the performance of the shock absorber during a real crash situation. The resting result shows that, our shock absorbers have equivalent performance with those imported ones.

The test platform
① air cylinder
② shock absorbers
③ force sensor
④ reflectors
⑤ the shock absorbers to be tested
⑥ position sensor


Types Model Screw Thread A Buffer Stroke L(mm) Applications
CPBH09-M27X3-15 M27X3 15 stretching rod of the blow molding machines from Krones
CPBH10-M27X3-15 M27X3 15 stretching rod of the blow molding machines from Sidel
CPBH11-M27X3-10 M27X3 10 molds of the blow molding machines from Sidel
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